Record Yourself

Record Yourself is a jazz record that I made during the period 1996-1999, at the age of 19-22. It was written and programmed on a regular personal computer, using the tracker program Fasttracker 2 (FT2). The album was conceived in the basement of my childhood home, in Varatun, the ghetto of Sandnes, through jazz listening, teen angst and an overwhelming overflow of musical inspiration. Having experimented with music programming and tracking on the Amiga 500, I went on to using FT2 on a pc, and ripped samples from cd’s using my 1x cd-rom. Sometimes I sampled from the tv using the built-in microphone. The result is 11 songs plus 4 bonus tracks, which all together manifest the enormous amount of creativity and inspiration I boasted at the time. This album defines a period in my life in which I discovered a lot of things important to me. Music, and more specifically jazz is one of them. Even more important is the mantra I created with the album title, which I’ve been using ever since, in all genres of art and creativity.

Originally, I made around 30 cd-r copies  which were distributed amongst friends. This effort was a door opener for me  personally, as I became more aware of my own dreams and ambitions towards developing my musicality and pursuing my attempt at a musical career.The latter became a reality some years later. However, no matter how much more of a “professional” sound I created for myself during my career, I´ve always looked to Record Yourself and drawn inspiration from it. It is a strong and personal manifest of an unrestrained, uncompromising and honest creativity and  musicality that I had in me at the time.

Record Yourself contains the sound of me,  young and uninhibited in thinking, ambition and musicality. I’ve always thought that this album deserves a larger audience, and better later than never, I’m now publishing it for everyone interested to listen to, enjoy and download!

Record Yourself is available at SoundCloud. It originally contains 11 songs, which are listed on the cover sleeve. The rest of the songs are bonus songs that have been added on numerous reprints of the cd-r and which at all have become a part of the album in the end for me. These songs are also recorded during the same period. The front cover photo is a self portrait and shows some of the interior of my bedroom. The back cover is a drawing I made during the recording sessions.